Fastboot custom HBOOT partition table on HTC Desire

If you have already S-OFFed your HTC Desire then you can take full advantage of a custom HBOOT partition table. HTC Desire comes with 147MB of free storage for data, which can be quite annoying for someone who wants to install a lot of applications and games. Of course this can be dealt with by installing a custom ROM that supports A2SD on ext partitions but not all applications can be installed on external storage and it can soon start to show up low internal storage messages.

A custom HBOOT partition table helps create that extra data storage space and quickens your boot up process since its not waiting for applications to start off your external storage on ext partitions. The modified partition tables support ALL hardware models for HTC Desire (Bravo) including PVT4 newnand.

Note: Android Tricks will not be held responsible for any damaged or bricked phones.


  • Root permissions
  • S-OFFed HTC Desire
  • Custom HBOOT partition table from Alpharev

Choose the right partition size of the HBOOT depending on your ROM and do a nandroid backup

It is essential that you check the size of your ROM against the /system MB of your chosen HBOOT. An easy way to do that is to boot into recovery mode, do a nandroid backup and verify the sizes of your backup against the partition tables below.

htc desire hboot

Download and verify the custom HBOOT partition

Head over to Alpharev and download the HBOOT that is best suited to you. Once downloaded put it in your Android-SDK/tools folder on your Mac or PC.

Flash the custom HBOOT using Fastboot

Power off your HTC Desire, turn it back on by holding volume down and power button. This should take you into fastboot mode.

Press the volume up and down buttons to select "Fastboot" and use the power button to enter.

Connect the phone to your Mac or PC using the USB cable.

Now open Terminal on Mac or command prompt on windows and cd into Android-SDK/tools folder.

fastboot devices to check if your Mac or PC is seeing the connected phone.

htc desire hboot

Now type
fastboot flash hboot bravo_alphaspl.img (change the filename to the HBOOT you downloaded)

htc desire hboot

Once you see the "Okay" message, type
fastboot reboot-bootloader

htc desire hboot

and finally
fastboot erase cache

htc desire hboot

Boot into recovery and wipe everything

Use the volume up and down buttons to select "Bootloader" and press the power button to select it. Now select "Recovery". This will take you into recovery mode, once there, wipe everything and restore from backup or install a new custom ROM.

If you have any problems go to the Alpharev site for support and FAQ.

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